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Welcome to Archetype Custom Framing Toronto.

We are a customer service oriented picture framing shop located in Toronto’s Junction Triangle neighbourhood near Dupont St. and Symington Ave. Please have a look around our website to view some samples of our work and learn more about the services that we provide.

Latest News:

A little wordplay in this wood block print by @hatchshowprint
We mixed a fun bright orange/red stain for its solid maple frame.

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Detail shot of needlepoint and double 8-ply rag mat from our previous post

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Here is a colourful needlepoint artwork we framed in a thin cherry frame with contrasting maple splined corners and a double 8-ply rag mat with circular opening.

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Sometimes your owl will settle for nothing less than a big regal gold frame. Painting by Nicole Krstin @nicolekrstin
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Linen mat prior to trimming and wrapping

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Here is what the linen wrapped mat looks like from the reverse side. This technique works very nicely with silks an other fabrics too! We use artist’s acrylic gel medium t glue the fabric to the mat

#CustomFraming #LinenMats #LinenMat #Linen #Flax #FabricMat #CustomFramingToronto #ArchetypeFrames

Hand wrapping some linen mats today, love that texture!

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A dramatic view outside our window this evening


Erin Rothstein’s @erinrothstein beautiful hyperreal paintings on display at Miele Gallery Caplan’s

Going through our archives we came across this photo of a vibrant acrylic painting from Africa (artist unknown) we framed in a dark brown wood frame with a subtle scoop profile back in 2014.

#ArchetypeFrames #CustomFraming #CustomFramingToronto #AfricanArt #AcrylicPainting #WoodFrame

The Clock Factory Building
We are open for business here at our new showroom location: 300 Campbell Ave. Toronto M6P 3V6 (Dupont & Symington). Our new digs is inside The Clock Factory Building, which is a recently renovated 20th century industrial building in the vibrant Junction Triangle neighbourhood.

We’re Moving


We are moving to 300 Campbell Ave. Unit 101. Very Excited to be joining the vibrant Junction Triangle neighbourhood! More details in the coming weeks

Bruno Patyn - Cosmogony no. 105
Bruno Patyn - Cosmogony no. 105 detail

Here is artwork titled Cosmogony no. 105 by Bruno Patyn that we floated in a painted ash frame.

Ontario Centres of Excellence – Discovery 2015

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in Discovery 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on April 27-28. We will be displaying framed artwork from some very talented local artists. You can find us in the Young Entrepreneurs Zone. We are looking forward to the show and hope to see you there!

More information is available at the OCE Discovery 2015 website

framed baby bull

wood frame corner

framed baby bull detail


Here is a beautiful photo that we framed in an amazaque veneer frame with a dark olive stain.

We’re on Instagram!

We are on Instagram now and loving it! You can find us @archetypeframes


Skyward Metamorphosis White Frame
Here is a beautiful print by Cora Brittan that we framed with a white frame and white rag mat. The colours appear very luminescent as the artist used silver leaf behind the paint and ink.

Frame Tintype Toronto
Tintype Photo Framed Detail

Here is a very cool tintype portrait that we just framed. This photo was created using the height of 1850s technology. The image is exposed directly onto an aluminum plate which is coated with photographic emulsion, meaning each photo is a true original and cannot be duplicated. We used a thin, ebony-stained wood frame and a warm white cotton rag mat to frame it. This style of matting is called a “drop mat” where the window mat is raised from the backing board to create a subtle dimensional effect. This allowed us to “float” the tintype, raising it from the backing board as well so that it’s edges are visible and allowing it to cast a slight shadow.

Visit The Tintype Studio to see more of their work and to have your own portrait taken in this unique style.

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